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I am an enthusiast of user experience and interaction design.
I design user-centered product.
I love what I do.

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Xingyi is a new york based interaction developer & designer specializing in Flash Actionscript 3.0, HTML and CSS/JS, Openframeworks, Processing. My passion is to create great ideas and translate them into engaging,intelligent and innovative user experiences.
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I twitte the cutting edge technology , artistic programming piece and everything about interaction design.
What do I believe?
Both as programmer and designer, I see design in different levels–graphical, functional, conceptual. The basic layer is graphical. The higher layer is forms and functionality and the highest layer is concept and frame. A good designer should also be a good programmer so that he/she can think seamlessly from functionality to visual design which both serves for human experience.
How does my thinking affect my desicion?
Moving seamlessly between the three has been what I have always thought about and the direction and force that affects me in my contents and forms. Early experience in computer science provides me the foundation in understanding the logics in code, prior practice of animation prepares my understanding in art and narrative. I found myself in an unstable concentration of interests until I found the road of my art --- to wrap them into a juxtaposition with both logic and sensation in a direct, intuitive, engaging and accessible way.
What am I interested in?
I'm interested in collecting "wisdoms". Programming really opens the gate for innovative thinking. I found it interesting that no matter how diverse people's thoughts are, the "geeky" people always think the same. Geometry, logic, math, patten, form are the things always gives me surprise.
What am I doing?
I graduated from Computer Art (Interaction Design ) Dept from School of Visual Arts MFA Program 2011'. I use Actionscript 3.0, Openframework C++ and a little Processing to create and learn. Truth is i'm not a veteran in this, but definitely a faster learner in code. And once you are familiar with the tools you use. You start to see the essences instead of the shell it wears. Using my skill to create engaging experience is what I have been loving to do and I enjoy it all the time.
The Thinking of My Art work
The central theme of my thesis art project is to create a zero-interface experience upon meditating to bridge the natural human gesture with the virtual world created by logics. My work reflects contemporary developments and creates visions and utopias of future communication emerging under the impact of cutting-edge technology. Simulation, computer vision, communicative imagery and interfaces that understands natural gesture is what my work puts emphases on.
Short Biography
Xingyi Guo is both a programmer and interaction designer graduated from School of Visual Art Computer Art Dept,2011. Recent interaction design work--Body Composing and Hand drawing enrolled in Adobe Design Achievement Award 2011. She received Star of Tomorrow Awards on data visualization projects at Microsoft Research Asia in 2008. In her early years of art work, her experimenting animations received several awards such as Animation Nominees at The 11th National Art, Academy Award of Beijing Institute of Film and Best Screenwriter Award from Hang Zhou International Animation Festival. Upcoming exhibition - Thesis exhibition Gesture Serials at SVA Gallery 2011.
Design Principles:
Simplicity: Leonardo Da Vinci says: " Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." The most powerful designs are always the result of a continuous process of simplification and refinement. A good UI design fits to human's ever-changing flowing mental model. It needs to be simple, transparent and personalized. It is so good that the user barely realize it's presence.
News from me.
HTML5 and Flash should not be enemy on the first place. They should collaborate and show what they can do best.