Spontaneous--Music Poet
Spontaneous is a short 2D music poet I made in 2009. Just as its name-Spontaneous -the film flows with the mind in the form of waving curves, dancing crane and ballet dancer. It was inspired by the music and the visual flows along the feeling with music. The piece received the 11th National Art Exhibition nomination awards and academy award of Beijing Film Academy.
The Story of The Postman -- Short 2d Animation of A Real Story in France
The story of the postman is a real story happend in France. An ordinary postman in French had a strong insterests in stones and he kept collecting stones in his routine of mail delivery between different towns day by day. Nobody was aware of anything happened but after 33 years of persistence, a real human scale castle piled and constructed by little stones was found in the forrest. After he died, the monument that stood in front of the castle is written like his----- I AM WONDERING HOW FAR A STONE CAN GO IF IT HAS A WISH. I and Tinglee made this work for our thesis project in 2007.